Punti di Vista Cultural Association is inspired by democratic principles and is explicitly against all forms of discrimination and violations against the fundamental rights of Human Beings, whether they are based on gender, age, language, culture or religious faith.

Punti di Vista’s main objectives:

  • Promote the knowledge of, and encounters with, cultures, traditions and religions, within an understanding that no point of view or vision of the world is capable of fully explaining reality.
  • Promote a vision of sustainable development that has at its core respect for human rights and the preservation of the environment, with an awareness of the interdependence that local and individual choices have on the global and collective level.
  • Propose an approach with nature based on respect and a sense of harmonious belonging to it.
  • Value the local territory, including traditions linked to food and the use of natural resources.
  • Promote a model of responsible tourism that is also directed to the economically vulnerable, which is respectful of cultures and nature, orientated towards social encounters, and guided by the desire for knowledge.
  • Promote an educational model that combines formal and informal teaching and encourages social encounters and gatherings.

We envisage a Punti di Vista ‘Pluriversity’, which represents for us a special place/group where research on local experience is conducted, whether of the Tuscia region or of other territories, to better understand factors that lead to successful collective, sustainable initiatives.