Since 1993 Punti di Vista has built a creative cultural space for civic groups to come together in order to discuss sustainable futures at the beautiful Convento S. Maria del Giglio by the lake of Bolsena. The Association cares for the Convent on a voluntary basis on behalf of the Francescan order which has owned the building for centuries.

Punti di Vista organises cultural initiatives with international youth exchanges, study trips, residential seminars, summer schools, cultural events and life long education initiatives. The events, seminars, workshops and trainings are founded on environmental awareness, consumption and waste reduction, recycling of materials, biological and natural consumption as well as gender equality and international solidarity.

Punti di Vista creates a space where people and nature combine to enjoy conviviality and hope for a sustainable future. Punti Di Vista flourishes as together we create space for people to convene, connect, concoct, contemplate. We literally and figuratively cook together – we invite everyone to become involved – we all bring the ingredients, recipes, traditional cooking pots together with a good dose of theoretical curiosity overlaid with the wonderful history and spirit of the place. Together we mix and create feasts for inclusive convivial lives.

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